Paving every street of gold

The Pavement of Every Street is made of gold by Kim Woo-chung, CEO and founder of Daewoo. This book is a collection of Kim Woo-chong’s notes to her country, which has been compiled into a book. The book became the best-selling book in Korea and was named one of the most successful books in the […]

Desert of the Tatars

The Tatar Desert novel is a sad story about the fate of a young officer named Drogo Jovani who is sent to serve a remote castle on the edge of a desert known as the Tatar Desert. Butzati won the StragaLiterary Prize for her portrayal of Drogo’s everyday and gray world.

Introducing watercolors

Introduction of watercolor: In ancient times, the Greeks used water-soluble paint on papyrus and the Chinese on the skin, and gradually this type of paint evolved and after making paper on paper, it was used, but first as a monochromatic And only in the form of lines as an interface tool, for example, in painting […]