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In children’s painting there are plenty of visual characteristics which help experts to analyze, classify grow and develop child’s art. The “creating phases” assume that these signs are appeared in order. Due to different factors that occurs in child’s art developing, we cannot just relate this phase to the age of the child.

This is the first phase which happens when a child draws something meaningless like dots or lines on a piece of paper, using pencils, pens markers unintentionally. The child does not consider the lines or dots at all. In this phase we can see three different stages that are distinguish from one another:
-Sketching unintentionally
-Sketching with control
-Naming the sketches
This could happen at the age of 4-5, when the child cannot draw specific signs but he could use this opportunity to move his arms and hands easily. Sketching at this age is movement-fictional action.

Suggested activity 1: painting on the wall

It is better to stick some big sheets of paper on the wall and provide some markers, colored pencils or crayons. The coach with a children’s story just encourage them to draw without any formal orders.

If there are some kids, each child take the responsibility of drawing part of the story which is assigned to them and the coach should guide them how to do that.

Suggested activities 2: painting with fingers

Painting with fingers is another interesting way for children and they will be encourage to use the colors while painting.

Suggested activities 3: painting things

Children could consider different shape of objects and they should be asked what color id suitable for that object? Painting different things, making stories for them can help children to be more creative.

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