Watercolor painting training (geranium)

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When it comes to teaching watercolor painting, there are always a number of techniques and brushstrokes, but here I am writing about the sense of watercolor. The feeling of having a model, the feeling that gives you color and the feeling that you see on paper.

I will start by choosing the model:

The model should make you feel that you are ready to immerse yourself in that feeling and live for an hour. When I saw this photo, its charm was unparalleled, but the light is always attractive to me. Determine for yourself what you want to talk about in your painting and what you like to change. I decided to remove the plastic vase and paint the ceramic vase, and my best reason was to love it. Make a simple design and try to say some of your words under the color. Of course, how much you work on the paint depends on your skills and habits and the quality of the paint and cardboard, which I usually choose the simplest so that my students can continue more easily and with less concern and not be afraid of breaking down.

After this step, think about what you think should be added. I decided to remove the left Goldon because the green was too big and there was not much light to maneuver, so I chose my staff for a more closed final job to finish the job.

Finally, always have a comparison with the original model, not to correct this task, but for subsequent tasks.

A few very important things: Be sure to write and do whatever you like because this is your world with your rules.

این مطلب را با دوستان خود به اشتراک بگذارید

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