Watercolor painting training (very crowded models)

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When choosing a model like the market, you should practice the ability to design high and understand and execute the edge of the light as needed before performing.

To be honest, if you do not believe in your design, do not start these models at all, designing simple objects and then the ability to execute simple modes from a human and monotonous models will provide you with the ability to execute complex models and the product of a month and Not two months of design.

If you think you have the necessary ability, start because it is very enjoyable. First try a simple design of the model, then a simple monochrome. Keep the edges of light in the monochrome and darkness and light are the achievements of this stage.

This is my monochrome at this stage. For monochrome, I choose the predominant color of my model, which is cobalt blue and a small amount of cena.

Perform the next step if you are 100% satisfied with the achievement of this step and are as close to the model as necessary.

I stop a lot of my work at this stage because the whole thing is transferred at this stage.


این مطلب را با دوستان خود به اشتراک بگذارید

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